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Advantages and Disadvantages of CS Cone Crusher and HP Cone Crusher

Advantages and disadvantages of cs cone crusher( single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher).Advantages and disadvantages of hp cone crusher(multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher).

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Hydrocone crusher adopts the progressive hydraulic technology, PLC automatic control system and touch-screen operation interface, which are convenient for users to have the timely long-distance control of hydrocone crusher.

However, in the choice of cs cone crusher(single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher) and hp cone crusher(multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher), many users are bewildered. They don't know which one is more suitable for them. So I think we need to have a good idea of the advantages and disadvantages of cs cone crusher and hp cone crusher before making a decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of cs cone crusher( single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

Advantage 1: lower price. Because cs cone crusher has simpler mechanism and less manufacturing cost, so cs cone crusher price is lower than hp cone crusher price.

Advantage 2: exquisite design. The equipment structure of the single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is simpler than the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. And the parts of cs cone crusher are less. Therefore, cs cone crusher looks more exquisite in appearance.

Advantage 3: perfect particle shape. Technically speaking, the sliding bearing of cs cone crusher has been improved. The improved cs cone crusher can adapt to higher rpm, and the swing speed of cs cone crusher main shaft also increases. Thus, the specification of finished products is more qualified and the particle shape of the finished product is perfect.

Disadvantage 1: small crushing force. The major disadvantage of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is that it has only one cylinder. So the crushing force of cs cone crusher is slightly less than hp cone crusher. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can only break the materials which have lower hardness.

Disadvantage 2: small yield and easy obstruction in the fine crushing production. Cs cone crusher controls the granularity of finished product by its discharging port. When cs cone crusher operates the fine crushing work, its discharging port is in small size, which causes that the yield of cs cone crusher is greatly reduced and its discharging port is easy to be blocked.

Advantages and disadvantages of hp cone crusher(multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher)

Advantage 1: strong crushing force. Hp cone crusher utilizes multi-cylinder hydraulic adjustment technology, so the crushing force of hp cone crusher is larger than that of cs cone crusher. In the case of ensuring the output is up to standard, the energy consumption of hp cone crusher can be controlled well. There are many suitable rock materials that hp cone crusher are good at crushing, especially the rocks with compressive strength no more than 320Mpa.

Advantage 2: higher medium and fine particle content in finished product. The rotation speed of hp cone crusher's crushing cone is faster than that of hp cone crusher's crushing cone, so the percentage of medium and fine particle is higher in the finished product and the finished product is also quite uniform.

As for crushing the single-particle material, the ability that crushing cone strokes of hp cone crusher and cs cone crusher break through material elasticity to make it deformation and rupture are very close. However, if users need to reach the fracture among the material particles, hp cone crusher is far better than cs cone crusher.

Advantage 3: effectively control the particle size of finished product. Hp cone crusher has the special crushing cavity design, and its semi-automatic hydraulic adjusting discharge port form can effectively control the particle size of finished product. So the finished product can easily meet the specification required by users.

Disadvantage 1: not easy to clean up. The complex structure of hp cone crusher brings difficulty in repair to users, and it is not convenient for the staff to clean the broken material in the crushing chamber of hp cone crusher.

Disadvantage 2: poor stability. The crushing cavity of hp cone crusher is hemispherical and with the small relative radius and small swing radius. So, hp cone crusher may have the problem of the moving cone shaking and turnover. Then it has poor stability in the crushing process, so hp cone crusher needs stronger foundation construction than cs cone crusher during the installation.

The above is the advantages and disadvantages description of cs cone crusher and hp cone crusher. Of course, the suitable one is the best. Fote Machinery has manufactured various cost-effective and high-grade hydrocone crushers, waiting for your selecting.

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