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How Many Kinds of Jaw Crushers FTM Can Supply for Users

During the long developing process of Fote machinery, the jaw crusher is also innovated, mainly divided into PE traditional jaw crusher, HD German jaw crusher and CJ European jaw crusher.

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Jaw crusher is one of the oldest crushing equipment in the world, its application frequency in the market is also constantly increasing. During the long developing process of Fote machinery, the jaw crusher is also innovated, mainly divided into PE traditional jaw crusher, HD German jaw crusher and CJ European jaw crusher. The following is the description of their simple advantages in the production capacity ranking.PE traditional jaw crusher's hourly output is the largest, reaching 2200t/h; CJ European jaw crusher is the second, average from 65 t/h to 1250t/h; HD German jaw crusher has a small yield of 40 t/h to 910 t/h.

The outstanding advantages of FTM PE traditional jaw crusher

1.It has high productivity and be capable of producing 2,200 tons per hour, two to three times as many as the HD German jaw crusher.

2.It adopts the bending extrusion crushing principle, which is simple and easy to understand.

3.Its wedge discharge adjusting device makes the adjustment of grain size more efficient and convenient.

4.The flywheel design makes the machine run smoothly and reliably

pe jaw crusher

The superior advantages of FTM CJ European jaw crusher

1.The removable structure of CJ European jaw crusher is easy to transport and transfer, and applies to the production line and mobile crushing station

2.The motion parameters are more optimized, the material is crushed from the upper part of the crushing cavity, and the impact is larger when it falls to the lower part, thus the crushing is more thorough.

3.The main engine and the motor seat are combined into one, which saves time and efforts in the installing process.

cj jaw crusher

The excellent advantages of FTM HD German jaw crusher

1.It has larger a range of application, can be applied to the metal and non-metallic ore, basic construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, especially for hard materials.

2.The jaw plate of HD German jaw crusher is optimized to the curve shape, between the moving jaw plate and the static jaw plate, there is stronger wear resistance, and after the performance optimization, its production failure probability is less.

3.The tooth plate adopts the high-end and wear-resistant material, the replacement cycle is long, it is easy to maintain and can save many unnecessary expenses.

hd jaw crusher

Although there are many kinds of jaw crushers, they still have many common features, such as simple structure, strong machine body, small footprint and strong economic efficiency, which are not listed here one by one. In short, the jaw crusher, like a white T-shirt, belongs to the basic essentials, and there must exist one of the jaw crushers are your need. Welcome to Fote Machinery for selecting!

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