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Problems and Solutions in Sand Production Line

Problems and Solutions in Sand Production Line:1.Problem: The production process of sand production line is not smooth.2.Problem: The vulnerable parts of sand processing equipment are frequently worn.3.Problem: Serious dust pollution in sand production line

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Sand production line is used to produce various kinds of sand and stone building materials, usually consists of multiple devices. In the long run of whole sand production line, it's easy to have a wide range of problems or malfunction, if they are not handled in time, it will be extremely easy to cause the yield or quality decrease of the sand processing equipment and the economic benefits loss to sand making plant. Today we are going to focus on some problems in sand production line and give some reasonable solutions for sand making plant.

1.Problem: The production process of sand production line is not smooth

The sand production line is usually composed of two stages or three stages crushing process, especially in the large and medium sized sand production line, which needs more equipment configuration. Although the technical design and configuration of each equipment is corresponding to each other at the beginning of the sand production line operation, the discharge outlet size of each stone crusher is often difficult to achieve the required standards, so that some crushed materials can't meet the qualification requirements because of their too large particle size, blocking at the feeding inlet of the next equipment, which causes a passive situation that the whole sand production line cannot has the continuous operation.

Solution: We need to scientifically adjust the discharge outlet of each stage stone crusher, to make it not only meet the production demand of the whole sand making plant, but also conform to the feeding and discharging granularity of their upper and lower sections equipment. The specific adjustment and control should be carried out by the experienced operators.

2.Problem: The vulnerable parts of sand processing equipment are frequently worn.

Among the sand processing equipment, the hammerhead and lining plate of stone crusher, the screen mesh and damping spring of sand screening machine, and sand washing machine sieve, under the relatively poor conditions, these vulnerable parts are easy to be worn and damaged because of the long-term running of sand processing equipment. Frequent downtime and replacement will delay the production time and greatly affect the productivity of sand production line.

Solution: We need to choose the high wear-resistant and quality dependable vulnerable parts for sand processing equipment. For example, using the high chromium alloy stone crusher hammerhead to replace the conventional stone crusher hammerhead, using the high manganese steel to forge the stone crusher liner and using the high manganese steel woven sieve in the sand washing machine and sand screening machine. In addition, we should pay attention to the lubrication, cleaning and other daily maintenance of each quick-wear part, and prepare a certain amount of spare parts in case of the emergency demand.

3.Problem: Serious dust pollution in sand production line

In the sand making process, whether the material is in the crushing stage, screening stage or conveying stage, there will be the dust emergence. A large amount of dust not only can cause damage to worker's health, but also take the serious pollution to the local environment, then the environmental protection departments may attach great importance to it and order the sand making plants to suspend production for rectifications or direct closure, which will take the serious loss to the sand making plants.

Solution: In order to cope with this problem and protect our own homes as well as future generations, it is imperative to configure the environmental protection devices for the sand production line as soon as possible. For example, in the whole production line, we can configure the spraying device for each dust removal point, or enclose the dust sources and install the bag filter, and do the cement hardening on the factory floor to realize the environmentally friendly production of the sand production line.

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