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What Is the Right Granite Crushing Solution

What is the right granite-crushing solution?1.Problems of granite crushing 2.It is not reasonable to use hammer mill crusher to process granite. 3.Symons cone crushers are the correct choice.

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Granite is endowed with unique physical characteristics and inborn patterns. So it can be the wonderful building material going up to roof and down to floor. After crushed, it can also be used as the raw material of cement or concrete.

Problems of granite crushing

However, because granite has stable structure, hard texture, and strong wearability, so the mining and crushing processes of granite resource are extremely difficult. Some people will ask "how can crush so hard granite?" "What kind of equipment can be enough strong to conquer the granite?"

Such problems were once also a concern for one of our customers from South Africa. As is known to all, South Africa's granite quality is excellent, most of which will be exported to other countries. The granite market prospect there is very good. So, local granite mining and processing industries develop very fast.

This customer is also a granite-processing investor. Previously he had bought a hammer mill crusher from other mining machinery manufacturer to crush granite. However, he found it was really hard to handle granite with a hammer mill crusher. Therefore, he needs some right solutions for crushing granite. Here's what we suggest:

It is not reasonable to use hammer mill crusher to process granite

The rock crushers with the working principle of iron hit stone are absolutely impossible to have good effect for crushing granite. If we handle it with a hammer mill crusher, we can only get a loss on both sides. The service life of hammerhead and equipment will not last long.

Symons cone crushers are the correct choice

However, if the symons crushers are used for crushing granite, they can make the majority of granite in the crushing chamber realizing the phenomenon of stone hit stone . Using this way to replace the traditional single-particle crushing principle has following advantages:

1. Granite can be selectively crushed in the crushing chamber of Symons cone crusher, so as to reduce the wear of symons crushers parts.

2. The fine-material proportion of finished product will increase significantly.

3. The content of cubic product is very high, greatly reduces the existence of the needle or sheet material.

Even if the granite is hard, it still can't resist the attack from the crushing wall and concave of symons crushers. These are the advantage of FTM Symons cone crusher, which is a sharp tool for crushing hard materials.

Fote Machinery always insists on manufacturing the mining machinery with large output, high efficiency, rational layout, environmental protection and low energy consumption. They are loved by many quarries and mineral processing factories in the world. What's more, if you have granite resources that need to be crushed, FTM engineer can design a cost-effective granite crushing solution for you. Looking forward the cooperation with you!

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